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HERZ ARMATUREN - Ball Valve for pump with check valve
Feel the Water
Ball Valve for pump with check valve


Ball Valve for pump with check valve

Case of forged brass,
Seals PTFE, spindle seal with PTFE.
Max. Operating temperature 150 ° C

Product List

Code Description
M1226803 Ball Valve for pump with check valve DN 25 PN 16
More description


The ball valves are installed as stop valves. Field of application are building services, such as in heating or chilled water plant in buildings. EPDM Sealing can be destroyed by organic hydrocarbons, which are occurring in natural gas or mineral oil. For this we recommend ball valves for natural gas.

Installation and maintenance

HERZ recommends the use of standard thread sealants for the connection between the ball valve and pipe. The valve should always be fully opened or closed, not used in intermediate positions. The valves do not require any special maintenance. At least twice a year, the ball valves should be


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