HERZ-Connect 4

HERZ- Connect 4

HERZ Connect-4 has been designed to give a simple connection to fan-coils, or other terminal units, and utilses the HERZ 4006 SMART or HERZ 4006 Pressure Independent Balancing Control Valve with HERZ 2206 ball valves with T-handle and a HERZ 4111 strainer. On/ off or modulating 0 – 10 V DC actuators can be fitted and integrated to a BMS if required.

Herz - Connect 4

The unit allows pressure independent control ensuring full stroke regardless of pressure fluctuations, while guaranteeing a constant flow rate to the terminal unit maximising energy efficiency for the system. The Connect-4 unit also permits flushing and isolating operations to be undertaken. The Connect-4 is fitted with test points.

The Connect-4 is fitted in a insulation box. This means there is no product differentiation between heating and chilled, one unit does both applications. The drain cock fitted to the strainer allows flushing without the need to remove the strainer basket and also allows the strainer basket to be cleaned in-situ.

Technical data

  • Max. operating pressure 16 bar
  • Max. differential pressure on the body 4 bar
  • Min. operating temperature 2 °C (pure water)
  • Min. operating temperature - 20 °C (frost protection)
  • Max. operating temperature up to DN32 130 °C from DN40 110°C
  • Lift 4 mm

The integrated control unit together with the actuating drive is responsible for modular control. Various actuating drives might be used (see also chapter: Accessories and spare parts).


  • Body: dezincification-resistant brass
  • Membranes and O-rings: EPDM

Water purity in accordance with the ÖNORM H 5195 and VDI 2035 standards Ethylene and propylene glycol can be mixed to a ratio of 25 - 50 vol. [%].


The HERZ Connect-4 must be installed for the correct application using clean fittings. A HERZ strainer (4111) is fitted to prevent impurities.

Ammonia contained in hemp can damage brass valve bodies, EPDM gaskets can be affected by Mineral oils lubricants and thus lead to failure of the EPDM seals. Please refer to manufacturers documentation when using ethylene glycol products for frost and corrosion protection.

Fire Behavior

Fire Behavior for insulation box DN15 and DN25

  • Method Class
  • DIN EN ISO 11925-2 1 E
  • DIN 4102-1 E
  • FMVSS 302 Fulfilled
  • UL 94 HBF

Edge exposure, classification according to EN 13501-1

Fire Behavior for insulation DN32 and DN50

  • Method Class
  • DIN EN ISO 11925-2 BL-s3,d0
  • DIN 13823 BL-s3,d0

FM-certified according to UBC26-3, class No. 4924

UL-certified according to UL94, IEC 60695 and Can/CSA-C.22.2 No0.17., UL746C

Connect 4 DN15 DN20
Connect 4 DN20 DN25
Connect 4 DN32 DN40
Connect 4 DN50