HERZ in Saudi Arabia

Desert and high tech - a major project with HERZ products

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula. The country has huge potential for development in all sectors, important and lasting spending power and more than 28 million inhabitants.

With a GDP per capita of US$ 24,000 Saudi Arabia is one of the richer countries. Austrian exports amounted to €534m in 2011.

Saudi Arabia is subdivided into towns and provinces. One of them is Riyadh, the capital. This is where politics and finance rule. Jeddah, a city in the west, is an important center for trade and services and also a travel destination for countless pilgrims on their way to Mecca.

In contrast, Dammam and al-Khobar, two cities in the country‘s largest province, the „Eastern Provinces“, are considered industrial towns and dominated by oil and gas production.

The Al Othman Towers in Khobar

The Project Al Othman Towers

HERZ Armaturen and their products have been a constant presence in the Middle East for many years. Since 2011, we are also involved in a major construction project in Saudi Arabia.

In cooperation with the local partner Abdullah Fouad Holding, the Al Othman Towers were equipped with HERZ products for branch control and hydraulic balancing.

Abdullah Al Othman, Vice President of Al Othman Holding, said: „The Al Othman Towers will be a signature of development in Khobar and among the Kingdom’s most technologically advanced projects.“

The project with its adjacent hotel/office tower was designed by the architects of J/Brice Design International and is worth US$300m.

The neo-modern building with 19 floors will have 218 rooms as well as one Royal Suite, two Presidential Suites and two Executive Suites.

Two penthouse apartments will be installed on the top floor and 16 luxury apartments on the floors below, all of which will offer impressive views of the city and its amazing contrast between modern commercial activities on the one hand and age-old traditions and historic sites on the other.

In addition, the hotel will boast two ballrooms, restaurants, separate luxury spas for women and men and an indoor swimming pool. Shops and a Business Center will also be included. HERZ‘s products contribute to all these facilities by ensuring the desired room climate while at the same time ensuring environmentally friendly building technology.

The Al Othman Towers in Khobar

Riyadh Skyline. The Al Fai-saliyah Center (267 m)


In the 18th century the Arab House of Saud tried to unite and subdue other Bedouin tribes. This lead to conflict with the Ottomans. As a consequence, the House of Saud came under Ottoman rule. Emir Abdul Aziz Al Saud (in power from 1902) finally freed the House of Saud.

Of crucial importance was the military victory of Abdul Aziz Al Saud in 1925 over the competing dynasty of the Hashemites who lost their regular kingdom Hedschas including the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina as a consequence. Following further conquests the different geographical areas were united in 1932 to become the new centralized state of Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to the rich crude oil reserves Saudi Arabia became wealthy and gained huge importance for the economies of the industrial nations.

In 1934 the Saudi-Yemeni War started, ending with the victory of Saudi Arabia. In the 1960s and 1970s there were repeated borde r disputes with Southern Yemen which were settled in a peace treaty in 1976.

The frontier was finally agreed upon in 2000.